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fruity snake fruity snake

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good, but could use improvement

It is a nice addition to the very overused snake idea, but the rotational control makes it a lot more fun.
I think that starting so slow makes it kind of boring. I got tired of playing a little after Level 3 or 4. I still think it was a good game, but if you plan on making a sequel, you should focus a little more on addictive gameplay; powerups, faster speed, unique levels.
This game honestly is still just a little bit higher than most snake games in my mind, so hopefully you can turn this into something great :)
Nice job!

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slacer42 responds:

Hi eliyahu,

thank you for your input and your review.
I like the idea of powerups and it seems I have more to do than just to polish the artwork.
About the speed in the first levels - I thought it would help to understand the controls and would be a good training to get around obstacles.
But on the other hand, it bores if you already know how to play such keyboard controlled games.

Maybe I should add different initial speeds depending on the players choice (beginner,...)

Nice idea

Feed the King Feed the King

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautifully great, amazing game!

I love this game so much! After playing once, I have to keep playing over and over again! And I just found out about the shop, so now I find myself wanting to keep gaining points! You managed to make a 100% addicting game with great graphics, and overall amazing presentation.
I love it!

Chickenman's Galactic Voy Chickenman's Galactic Voy

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice. I just have to give a good rating because it made me laugh a lot and made me go look this one up again.

Kudos to you! The reason it's not 10 is because as a game it kind of fails, but I'm not going to go on about making it better, because I'm sure you made this as a joke, not a serious game, so for a good laugh, thank you, have a nice day.

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Kittencrew responds:

Indeed I did. It's just for the lulz and I'm glad you understood that, and I hope I brought you some lulz ;)